Never Give Up

Tibet is nice.

Living the monk lifestyle, with all the quiet meditation and the chanting and the thinking all the time, wasn’t much of a difficulty for a guy like Oz. He enjoys living the quiet life. The only time he’s ever really liked the loud scene is when he was playing with the Dingoes as lead guitarist, and that was mostly because he can get lost in himself, in the quiet retrospective sense of the word of course, whenever he played music.

But Tibet is nice.

Today, in fact the monks offered him a life as one full fledged monk-hood, or whatever the term is, and Oz would have easily accepted it. He could do it, live the life of a monk, and it wouldn’t be much of a problem.

But he didn’t take it, for several reasons. He liked his hair, and music for one thing, but he could give those up. Those were just bonuses really. In fact if they had offered him years earlier, he probably would have said the vows, and given up everything. But she came, one night, and all it took was a smile, and Oz knew he could never become a monk with her around.

The one thing he could never give up, not if she gave up on him first, was Willow.

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