Smile [@Willow]

After Faith called, Oz figured Willow needed some time on her own.

So he went out, even if it was raining, and spent most of the day hiking. Even before he became a werewolf, he enjoyed just walking around, being near nature. Sometimes when the Dingoes had a bad practice, Oz would just slip away and hang around the nearby park. He didn’t stay after dark of course. Everybody in Sunnydale knew how the rules. Staying out after hours, in a park by yourself, if you didn’t get neck trauma, your body would probably be in some monster’s stomach by then.

Anyway, so he enjoyed Tibet immensely. It had just the right amount of rain, snow and heat. He especially the woods near his house. Well, their house now.

And that was all it took to make Oz stop in his tracks and smile.

Their house. Not his house anymore, but theirs. Oz’s and Will’s house. He still can’t believe that Willow is there to share his life, to share her life, with him. He didn’t expect it to happen. After Tara, and moving back to Tibet, he thought he’d never see Willow, let alone be with her like this.

But she’s here now; she’s here with him.

Entering the house after his hike, and seeing Willow sitting inside his, their living room, his smile just got bigger and bigger.

"Hey," he said, letting the love shine through his eyes.

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